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Sicis Jewels at Haute Jewels Geneve 2022

The new edition of Haute Jewels Geneva will take place at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Geneva from 30 March to 5 April, an occasion for insiders to meet again face to face.

It promises to be a dynamic event, both for customers and exhibitors who will enjoy an intimate and luxurious ambiance, in a relaxed atmosphere where to discover exclusive jewels.

At this special event Sicis Jewels, an internationally recognized brand for its fascinating jewels, will present a selection of creations undoubtedly above all expectations.

In the design of each object explodes the preciousness of raw materials such as gold, refined stones combined with precise craftmanship of cleverly microscopic splinters, woven into unique, three-dimensional, particular jewels.

Micromosaic is the technique that Sicis Jewels has been able to study and recover from the past to bring an intimate soul into its works, a profound value that goes beyond that of gold and gems, the timeless strength of art. Mineral and gold powders, melted and processed according to mysterious alchemy handed down in secret formulas for centuries.

Besides, the creative process is not rational and inspiration never ends for Sicis Jewels designers. Any jewel is based on the charm that lies inside the creation, its immediacy, unpredictability, playfulness, the feeling connected with the person who choose it.

Each jewel is a special combination: inside we read a profusion of stories, materials, sensations, and a revolutionary feature.


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