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Incanto Collection

Celebrate the rebirth of nature

In an enchanted garden, where flowers guide us towards the fulfilment of our dreams, a jewellery collection that is pure magic comes to life. Micromosaic flowers alternate with diamonds, rubellites and kunzites, creating a charm that leaves you breathless. Like delicate and bright petals, it will rest on your skin, illuminating your soul with the perfection of nature.

When micromosaic meets gemstones the magic begins

In a timeless atelier, where the passion for art meets the skill of craftmanship, experienced mosaicists work with patience and devotion to create a masterpiece. With a surgeon's precision and an artist's vision, the masters carefully select tiny fragments of glass with delicate shades to position them one by one and create an unparalleled design of beauty. Under their skilled hands, the flowers come to life, acquiring a shine and refinement that can compete with nature itself.

Wear it on every occasion

Incanto Ring is composed of two separate rings. The central gemstone can be detached from its micromosaic dress to wear it also on casual occasions.

DIscover incanto ring

Carefully selected gemstones

To enhance the beauty of our micromosaic, we've selected the finest pink gemstones.

Incanto Necklace features 14ct of White diamonds, 11,35ct of Tourmalines and 13,88ct of Kunzites. Incanto Ring has a central 2,32ct Rubellite and is embellished by 2,10ct of White diamonds and 1,17ct of Tourmalines. Incanto Earrings are set with 1,37ct of White diamonds, 1,13ct of Rubellites and 1,00ct of Tourmalines.


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